Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bob On My Mind

I know I have watched Bob the Builder one too many times when these thoughts cross my mind:
  • Perhaps Bob could be on Dancing with the Stars. He does a mean Salsa.
  • What is Mrs. Percival really saying when she asks Bob to meet her at her house for dance lessons? Is she disappointed when he doesn't show?
  • How does Wendy feel when Bob says, "Wendy, I don't know what I would do without you." Her look seems to say, "Bob, I love you. You are the man of my dreams."
  • It is truly sad that Bob does not get to see his identical twin brother, Tom, very often.
  • Wendy could really compete on Skating with the Stars. She's been an Olympic Skier and a marathon runner. She's truly an athlete.
Like I said one too many times...

Oh and I found a site that actually discusses the possible relationship between Bob and Wendy...so I am not that far off base.

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