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Saying Good Bye

I have written about Dwayne, Ben's OT, for the past several years. Dwayne was part of Ben's Speech/OT Dream Team. For personal reasons, Dwayne must move from the area. Ryan has taken this the hardest. It is the first time he knew one of Ben's therapists. Dwayne came at a time that Ryan was home from work and their mutual love of basketball and football developed into friendly banter about which teams would do the best and worst. When Dwayne told us about the changes coming, I was not surprised or broken-hearted. Ryan thought I was being cold, but Ben has had more than seven years of therapy, meaning more than seven years of therapists. I have seen good ones leave and have had a hand in helping bad ones go. Some have come back to us after moving away. Some I see at the park and library with their own children. Some have referred their new clients to this website, and I have become friends with the clients. Some keep up with us on Facebook. And one drives with us to New

Saying Goodbye

Over the past seven years, we have had so many wonderful therapists, caregivers, teachers and friends enter our lives because of Ben. Desiree is one of Ben's physical therapists, and she is leaving her position next month. Her husband was offered a job opportunity in another state where they happen to also own a home. Desiree  is a straight shooter who cares about her clients intently. She has helped us make decisions about walkers and tricycles. She introduced Ben to the TAOS . Desiree works Ben hard each time, but always in a caring and safe manner. Saying good bye in this day and age is not as it once was. Desiree won't ride into the sunset never to be heard from again. We have Facebook, Twitter and blogs - we can stay in one another's lives, if even peripherally. The people who have helped Ben along the way are almost like his own milestones. They take him part of the way on his journey and then leave him in the care of another.

Re-Post: Therapy Bill of Rights

Ben's private physical therapist attended an intensive three-day workshop presented by Barbara Hypes , physical therapist and author of Heads Up on Hypotonia .   After hearing raving reviews and seeing the results of new techniques used on Ben, I wanted to contact Ms. Hypes myself.   After exchanging emails and information with me, Barbara looked at this site and added her thoughts to the Bill of Rights list, originally posted on November 24, 2009 . With her permission, her additions are listed in blue . Therapy Bill of Rights   As a therapist, I will, understand that the most important thing I do is EDUCATE.  In addition, to the best of my ability I will provide the following service during my time with your child: Arrive on time. Call if I will be late or unable to make the appointment. Plan ahead for the session – have a schedule of activities, exercises and games. Ask questions about what motivates your child and what might upset your child.

Gadgets and Gizmos - Part 1: TAOS

If you have a child with special needs, most likely, you will also have gadgets and gizmos that help your child learn to walk, talk, eat, drink, toilet train, sit-up straight and a whole host of other skills. Some gadgets and gizmos may be a medical necessity for your child – helping them to breathe, get nutrition or stay healthy. Whatever it may be, it takes time to find out about what is available and then learn the ins and outs of each piece of equipment. But when a real good tool comes along, it can be life changing for the child and even the family. Over the next few months, I am going to introduce a few of the items we have used. I am always surprised to find out about new equipment. I hope to spread the word about things that have been worth the time, effort and cost for us. The TAOS , Therapeutic Ambulatory Orthotic System , is what I am focusing on today. Not many people have ever heard of it, even physical therapists. It is actually Ben's latest gizmo – and it is seri

Therapy Bill of Rights

We are so fortunate right now to have a group of therapists working with Ben that are incredible. They are motivated to work with Ben, and they create a fun atmosphere while still challenging him. In turn, Ben is working the hardest he ever has and without many tantrums and poor behavior. For the first time, I am not on the lookout for a new therapist. The “Dream Team” comes to our house every Wednesday to co-treat speech and occupational therapy. Ben is genuinely excited to see them when they walk through the door. When you take his hands to walk, he leads you to his room for therapy to begin. Using behavior and play therapy, and combining speech and occupational therapy techniques, they have come up with a solid format for each session. They use a token board to reward his work and when it is complete, Ben can watch 2-3 minutes of a video. They have had to be flexible too. One sunny day, Ben did not want to leave the front porch, they changed the plan to an outside therapy session.