Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saying Good Bye

I have written about Dwayne, Ben's OT, for the past several years. Dwayne was part of Ben's Speech/OT Dream Team. For personal reasons, Dwayne must move from the area.

Ryan has taken this the hardest. It is the first time he knew one of Ben's therapists. Dwayne came at a time that Ryan was home from work and their mutual love of basketball and football developed into friendly banter about which teams would do the best and worst.

When Dwayne told us about the changes coming, I was not surprised or broken-hearted. Ryan thought I was being cold, but Ben has had more than seven years of therapy, meaning more than seven years of therapists. I have seen good ones leave and have had a hand in helping bad ones go. Some have come back to us after moving away. Some I see at the park and library with their own children. Some have referred their new clients to this website, and I have become friends with the clients. Some keep up with us on Facebook. And one drives with us to New York every year.

Therapists come and go, that is how it works. It does mean having to get to know a new person, learning about their style and letting them know how our family routine works.  Then there's the hazing that Ben puts everyone through. But we will get through it and I never know what the possibilities may be with a new therapist seeing Ben through a different view.

As for Dwayne...he will not leave our life. He left his mark on our family, and we will remember his caring, gentle and positive manner. And who knows, he may even show up at our door one day, ready to put Ben to work.

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  1. Hallo,my name is Sonja.My son is also autistic.
    It is nice meeting you!


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