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Happy Halloween!

We take Star Wars seriously around here - Ben is a Clone, Logan is Obi-Wan Kenobi and Sean (not pictured) is Anakin Skywalker. Have a great time trick or treating!

Too Busy...

going to Hot Air Balloon Festivals, spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, sliding, picking pumpkins resting, and eating apples off the tree to write.

NASCAR has a New Fan

As if the Disney World vacation was not enough, the Kyle Busch Foundation gave Charlotte area Grin Kids' families tickets to the Dollar General 300 Race . Although Ryan had been twice to a race, the rest of our family were newbies. Ben loved the excitement and the noise, but eventually he was too excited to even sit. Ryan took him for a bite to eat and a stroll around the speedway while I stayed with the other boys who were mesmerized by the ecperience. When we caught up with eachother - I noticed Ryan taking money out of Ben's pockets. To my amazement, Ryan told me that two different and random people gave Ben money - totalling $25. Although we laughed, I am not sure how either one of us felt about it. A discussion for another day. We had a great time - it was truly an experience and I was glad to see what it was like. The noise was overwhelming, even with ear plugs. Unlike other sporting events, there's little cheering or yelling since nothing can be heard above

Given the Boot

I usually do not get sick or have any type of ailments, but these last few months have proven otherwise. This summer I developed a cyst in an uncomfortable location and it got infected. Many doctor visits later, shots, needles, medication and Sean (yes, my three year old) holding my hand, I got through it. Now I am wearing a boot on my right foot. I have had pain in the arch for over a month, mostly at night. During the day I was fine, I even ran two 10k races during this period of time. The night pain was increasing along with my pill popping (just ibuprofen), so I finally saw the orthopaedic doctor. Unable to pinpoint what exactly is ailing me, they gave me a big boot to wear for three weeks and anti-inflammatory pills. What a way to end my 40th year!

eSpecially Parents September Edition: Denise's Story

Luke and I are new to the public education system in Texas. Beginning soon after Luke’s birth, we had ECI come to our house several times a week for PT, OT, deaf education, and swallowing therapy. I was able to sit in on all Luke’s sessions and knew exactly what to work on with him. Since turning three, Luke’s case was handed over to the public school system which seemed to complicate things a bit. Since Luke’s birthday is 10 days before the end of the school year, we were able to enroll him in school and get our feet wet with the preschool program for children with disabilities (PPCD). Luke is deaf and wears a cochlear implant for hearing. Because he also has other delays, he doesn’t meet the qualifications for the deaf ed program and is in a class with kids who have all different types of disabilities. One of our biggest concerns with Luke’s development is his very limited communication. Unfortunately, none of the other children in Luke’s class are hearing impaired so it’s hard to

Disney: The Final Word

It would be unfair not to share the amazing things the Grin Kids staff had planned for us. If you plan to apply for this program and want to be surprised, do not read this post. It will be a spoiler. First, we pull into the airport departure section and a Grin Kid volunteer (just a good person who wants to help out) carries our bags. This means that neither Ryan nor I touched a bag once we got out of the minivan. We were able to focus on the 3 boys and getting checked in. Grin Kids supplied luggage tags for us, especially marked so they would make it directly to our hotel room. After security, which they did try to make it as easy as possible for everyone, we went to the concourse where we were welcomed by Police Officers, Santa Claus, Rufus from the Charlotte BobCats, Sir Purr from the Carolina Panthers and many other local and national mascots. Each one had goody bags to give out to every child. Dancers performed in the middle of the concourse, music played and time flew by and b

Disney: Funny Faces, Great Smiles

Disney: Hug Tour

 We met many characters along the way. Hugs were abundant.   A Guinness World Record could have been set with this hug. And if you are wondering who this am I.  Logan was concerned that Santa was here and not making toys in the North Pole. Santa told Logan that he was in a supervisory role and had elves to do the work. Logan still thought he was cutting it too close to Christmas. His disappoval was evident. Notice Ryan's hand around Mickey's waist. Ben learned quickly that the characters hands were great to chew on.  Ben only had eyes for Jessie. Poor Woody - he was intent on giving Ben a big hug.  Who is the happiest in this photo?  For more information on the Ace & TJ's Grin Kids Organization , check here .

Disney: The Grin Kids & their Families

Photo credit goes to Angus Lamond , the photographer on the Ace & TJ's Grin Kids Trip 2011 20 families were invited this year on the Ace & TJ's Grin Kids Trip 2011.  Families were from North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee. We did not know each other before we started on our journey, but by the end of the 5 days in Disney, many connections and friendships were formed. Although we did not stay together as a group all day, everyday - it would be impossible with over 100 people - it was great to see another family on a ride or share a spot on the parade route. Our common denominator, raising a child with special needs, was a good conversation starter, and lead us to other topics, like our work, family life and outside interests. It was a relief when, as a group on the plane, bus or restaurant, and Ben was yelling or making loud noises, that not one person was looking at us in a way that said, "Could you please quiet that child?" We were al

Disney: Love at First Sight

Photo credit goes to Angus Lamond , the photographer on the Ace & TJ's Grin Kids Trip 2011 .

Disney...Here We Come

Just got back from the Disney Orientation meeting for the Grin Kids trip. At one point, I had tears in my eyes and we are not even there yet. There may be a flood when we actually arrive on Wednesday. It is amazing what this organization has in store for us. Every detail is planned out to make it simple to travel with our children with special needs. We drop off our luggage at the airport and do not see it again until we get to our room. Meals, transportation, park passes, special events, souvenirs, snacks...anything you can think of is all taken care of for all 20 families. The Ace & TJ Radio Show and Grin Kids staff will be updating their Facebook and website pages daily while we are in Disney World. If you want to follow along, here's where you can find us: Ace & TJ Facebook Grin Kids Ace & TJ Radio Show Ace & TJ will be interviewing families throught the trip and playing the responses on their morning show. Listen from 6am-11am, Monday - Friday