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I started a journal in October 2006 that focuses solely on the accomplishments of our children. From what they say, do, eat, like, dislike - you get the idea. I know ten days after something happens, I will most likely forget because some other skill has taken its place or as some say, Mommy Brain has taken over. When I look back, I am astonished at the progress Ben has made and how things have changed. My first entry in this journal is about a beautiful fall day that I remember so well, Ben was 3 and Logan was 1: "We went to Davidson, NC and relaxed at a park. The boys discovered leaves and how they will blow in the wind. Ben sat up at least 8x in an hour just because he wanted to do it. Logan chased the blowing leaf he'd let go in the wind." December 2006 "Ben has been standing up in his pack-n-play and pulling lamps, the table - he's sneaky." We did not know he could pull himself up and could not understand why items on a side table w