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Showing posts from September, 2015

Purchasing Power

When Ben's new teacher in middle school texted me to see if it was okay for Ben to go to the book fair, I wrote back, "Sure." After a moment, I realized Ben had never been to a book fair, at least that I could recollect. I wrote the teacher again and told her that this was Ben's first opportunity to shop the book fair.  I was so proud of Ben when he came home with a book and a poster. We recently made some changes to his room and he had a blank wall above his bed - I guess he saw the need to fix that! The poster was a perfect fit. Ryan insists that Ben was trying to tell us something other than he needs more decoration in his room, but I am not touching that one.

It's Just a Little Rain Mom

Happy rainy Tuesday from Charlotte, NC.

Spreading My Wings

Last spring,  Charlotte Parent  offered me the opportunity to start a blog focused on helping families raising a child with special needs. The magazine launched a new website in August, and Special Attention was born. You can now follow me at Twitter and Instagram . And if you are keeping count, Happy 6 Years to eSpecially Ben. Thank you for your support.