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Moving On

We've made the decision to get real beds for all the boys. All three are in toddler type beds now. Sean's bed is pictured here, and it was the crib that all three boys slept in from birth. It brings tears to my eyes to move on, but it means they are growing and becoming independent. Incidently, this picture came about because Ben climbed up and then I asked the other two to jump in with him for a photo opp. And as luck would have it, we found out that day that a very close family member is having a baby so we know the crib will stay in the family. I can at least visit it.

Independence Day

When my son was three, he saw a psychologist for a consultation. She told me about a family who had a 27 year old daughter with Down Syndrome, living at home. After a discussion with the family and some observation, she determined that the daughter could be doing about 30% more on her own. At the time, I took the story at face value – a therapist sharing a story about another family to try to break the ice, make me feel comfortable. After the session, the psychologist’s words kept coming back to me. Was the story a gentle way of saying that my son too, could be 30% more independent? My mom shared a story with me several years ago about how my aunt asked about her parenting philosophy. My mother had responded that from the moment a child is born, it is a parent’s responsibility to help that child to succeed on their own. This comment has stuck with me. More than a year ago, one of my son’s teachers asked me what I saw Ben doing in the future. I was dumbfounded - he was 4 ½ at the