Monday, June 22, 2015

Moving On Up

I am not sure what got me crying first - Mr. Dilligard wearing a bow tie or the entire audience clapping for Ben and his friend, the only two 5th graders in the special education program graduating this year.  No other students received this same ovation. It was heartwarming, and I did breakdown.

My crying started that morning, even before the ceremony. I have decided that my emotional turmoil was caused by having to say goodbye to teachers and students that we have known for many years. Knowing that Ben did not truly understand that he was not coming back made me sad for him.

The little girl walking with him has been his friend for seven years. He has had a serious crush on her for as long as I can remember. His other friends in the class hug him constantly and worry about him throughout the day. They were a close knit bunch - loving one another and caring about each other.

Ben will find new friends, teachers and assistants that love him just as dearly. Just right now, saying goodbye hurts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Bathroom Build

We have come a long way with Ben's bathroom. NARI and Rebuilding Together Charlotte have kept the project running smoothly with subcontractors coming through to do the foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and insulation.

Drywall starts this week and then it's downhill from there.

A shout out and BIG thank you to the contractors (all are NARI members) who have donated time, labor and materials to Ben's bathroom so far:

DeRhodes Construction - contracting and managing
Queen City Lumber - framing package and siding
Andrew Roby Contracting - framing labor
WAC Contracting - foundation
All About the Pipes - plumbing
Aldred Electric - electric
ABS Insulation - insulation
Quality Comfort - heating and air conditioning

Friday, June 5, 2015

Carrying the Flame of Hope

We raised $4,515! Thank you everyone for your support. The likes, shares and donations brought us to #1 Fundraising Team in North Carolina - no small feat. There were 106 teams.

Here are a few of the 1000 photos that were taken! It was an incredible feeling to be a part of this event - most likely, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our team!

Waiting for the torch to come our way.

This was our group of family and friends who came out to support us.

At the end of our 1/2 mile segment, we passed the torch to a father and son team.

Amy, Jolanda and Lorcan

Hats were meant to be removed, says Ben.

Impressive motorcade of police from Charlotte and Los Angeles.

This team passed us the torch.

Passing on the torch to our team.

Here we go!

All the team members had a chance to carry the torch.

For more photos through Special Olympics, go here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tomorrow at 5pm, our Special Olympics Unified Relay Across America Team will carry the Flame of Hope for 1/2 mile as it makes it way toward the World Games in LA.  

Our fundraising efforts have landed us #1 Team in NC. There are 106 teams so this is quite an accomplishment. Our competitive nature got the best of us - but for a worthy cause. 

Thank you for your support and donations. I will post photos from event on Friday. 

If you have not had a chance to donate but wish to do so, please check out: