Friday, June 5, 2015

Carrying the Flame of Hope

We raised $4,515! Thank you everyone for your support. The likes, shares and donations brought us to #1 Fundraising Team in North Carolina - no small feat. There were 106 teams.

Here are a few of the 1000 photos that were taken! It was an incredible feeling to be a part of this event - most likely, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our team!

Waiting for the torch to come our way.

This was our group of family and friends who came out to support us.

At the end of our 1/2 mile segment, we passed the torch to a father and son team.

Amy, Jolanda and Lorcan

Hats were meant to be removed, says Ben.

Impressive motorcade of police from Charlotte and Los Angeles.

This team passed us the torch.

Passing on the torch to our team.

Here we go!

All the team members had a chance to carry the torch.

For more photos through Special Olympics, go here.

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