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Ben's Fans

Special Olympic Mecklenburg County Opening Ceremonies were today. My sister and her family are visiting from New York. This was their first time at the Special Olympics.  It took awhile for Ben to realize we were all there, but as soon as he did, he was excited to see everyone.  And tomorrow Ben competes in the softball throw. 

2016 Special Olympics: Fans in the Stands

Making New Friends

This is a photo of Ben after he met a new friend today. Ben giggled the entire time he was with his new friend. We were connected with the "Z" family a few months ago when we were donating a piece of equipment. A school physical therapist connected us, but we only met the dad that first time. He mentioned that their son seemed similar to Ben. We finally met today at a local park and Ben and "D" were strangely similar in their abilities, habits and history. Ben was in love with the whole family, including their dog. Ben was interested in D and tried to interact with him. It was fun to watch Ben "make a friend." I see us spending more time with them - Ben's judgment of people is usually spot-on.