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Positive Vibes

My Charlotte Parent post this week was made possible by Ben's teacher, Mrs. Glass.  Valentine's Day All Month It's a good reminder to whisper good things into the ears of the people we love.

Finally, Swim Team

The cool spaceship is to motivate Ben to walk from one end to another. We have been waiting a long time for Ben to join a swim team. Now, he can show off his skills at the Special Olympics in a sport that he enjoys. Our local YMCA staff and local Special Olympics worked together to start a team.  Ben's first practice was this past Sunday. We could tell he was confused by all the swimmers in the pool with him. He could not help staring at the other athletes. After an introduction and a high-five to a 16-year-old swimmer, Ben was pleased. Making new friends will be great for him. Here's my post in Charlotte Parent: Introducing the East Meck Otters Swim Team