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Unlimited Possibilities

  My first personal essay was published in Our State this month. I talk about Ben's adventurous spirit in  Unlimited Possibilities .

Jumping & Boat Safety

Ben jumping in! Since Ben's original swim instructor moved on to Harlem, NY, he has had a new team - Nicole and Jackie. They love him and take care to teach him in a patient and positive manner. Ben is getting stronger in the water and out as a result. Nicole, Ben and Jackie


Ben has been in swim lessons since January. He can "monkey crawl" several feet on the side of the pool without any support, making it to the steps. He can "jump" into the water, going under, and float with some assistance. We are amazed by what he has learned in such a short amount of time because Ben has been in the water since he was a tiny tot, and we were never able to teach him any of these things. Ben's very special swim instructor, Charquita, moved last week to NY to take a job running an aquatic center. We will miss her gentle ways, her quick understanding of Ben's skills and her belief in Ben's abilities. We are sad to lose her, but at least three other people have jumped in to take her place. Ben is like a superstar at the Y pool and it seems that it is a privilege to work with him. At one point, I thought a fight might break out, but I quickly stepped in and said that everyone would have to take their turn working with my sweet child. Ok

Special Exposure Wednesday: Swim Baby Swim!

Our local YMCA offered to design swim lessons for Ben. The instructor is working with him one-on-one, once a week. Ben's private OT will also give the instructor ideas on activities to do while in the water. Check out other photos at 5 Minutes for Special Needs .