Saturday, August 6, 2016

First Time Down the Water Slide

Ben had the opportunity to go down the water slide today. We have been going to this pool for three years and have thought about getting Ben down the slide, but the conditions were not always right - too hot, not enough adults to help or life guards were not in favor of the idea.

Today, everything lined up and we were given the thumbs up for Ben to go down the slide one time.

I was at the top of the slide and should have taken the photos from there - I had a perfect view of a smiling kid slowly going down the slide. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lasting Friendship

Ben got a big surprise today - his friend and peer buddy, Kay, met us at the pool. 

Kay and Ben could not stop smiling. 

At Ben's school, students from the general education classes can apply to be a peer buddy to a student in the exceptional children's program. Peer buddies help with Special Olympics, field trips and other activities throughout the year. 

According to Ben's teacher, the relationships between the students develop into strong friendships. The peer buddies end up visiting the classroom whenever they get a chance - usually every day.

Kay told her mom that Ben chose her as his peer buddy. He got so excited every time she came into the classroom during that first week of school that the teacher had to put them together. 

Kay moves to high school this year, but we have plans to stay in touch and get together. This friendship is too special to forget.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer is here in the Carolinas

Kickstand Burgers, Charlotte, NC

Summer is here and we have been busy. Ben has been in the pool more times than I can count. Logan and Sean have already been to camp, and we all went on a short vacation over Memorial Day.

I have been writing regularly for an online site, CharlotteFive. I have been fortunate to grab a few other writing assignments here and there. It has been tremendous fun, but it has kept me busy. I have not been able to post here as often as I would like.

Here are few quick photos to relieve me of the guilt I feel for not posting regularly:

Pool Time

Lake Junaluska, NC

NASCAR LiftMaster Pole Night, Concord, NC

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Gastonia, NC

Lake Junaluska, NC

Cataloochee, NC

Duck Island, NC