Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ben has been in swim lessons since January. He can "monkey crawl" several feet on the side of the pool without any support, making it to the steps. He can "jump" into the water, going under, and float with some assistance. We are amazed by what he has learned in such a short amount of time because Ben has been in the water since he was a tiny tot, and we were never able to teach him any of these things.

Ben's very special swim instructor, Charquita, moved last week to NY to take a job running an aquatic center. We will miss her gentle ways, her quick understanding of Ben's skills and her belief in Ben's abilities. We are sad to lose her, but at least three other people have jumped in to take her place.

Ben is like a superstar at the Y pool and it seems that it is a privilege to work with him. At one point, I thought a fight might break out, but I quickly stepped in and said that everyone would have to take their turn working with my sweet child.

Okay it didn't happen quite like that, but we do have many people eager to work with Ben. We are excited about his progress and will continue for as long as he seems to get something out of the experience.

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  1. I am in tears...but so appreciative for the several life lessons Ben took the time to teach me.
    ~No matter how hard the day gets, singing Bob The Builder will make you smile and relax.
    ~Sometimes you go under water-but u won't drown b/c somebody is looking out for you.
    ~If you see the stairs (to climb out the pool) all you have to do is get to the wall...and no matter how long it takes-you will and can get to the goal (the stairs) and get out-if you just keep trying.
    ~When meeting someone give them a sincere 'big boy' makes them feel good (even if you're about to eat or pull their hair ;-)
    ~When grown ups get a little hectic- red hair, and a sweet smile go a long way ;-)

    Ben taught me life lessons on simplicity and I love him and his 'AWESOME-NESS' (whispering) He's my favorite....dont tell my kids :-)


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