Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: Dental Strategies

I admit, this picture is a bit unsettling. Ben has been seeing the same pediatric dentist for 3 years. The office prefers that parents do not go into the exam room with their children - something about children acting up when parents are around. Anyway, I had given them permission to use the papoose three years ago - but had never seen it in action until this day at the dentist's office.

Now I know why Ben gets glowing remarks on how well he behaves for the dentist - poor kid doesn't have a chance!


  1. I have heard about it and the ENT but never have seen it either.

  2. Wow, and he doesn't mind it? I absolutely can't stand not being able to move my arms and legs.

    My son just had his first dental work beyond a cleaning and thankfully it went well with a little nitrous oxide before the shot. He just complained that it took "forever"!!

  3. He's such a brave boy. I would have freaked out. My son is due for his dental visit soon. I'm not looking forward to it.

  4. That does look unsettling but I could see it feeling safer too. You can still give Ben full points for behaving though - he may not be able to wiggle but that's not the only thing that dentists need cooperation for. Case in point: My dad deliberately bit a dentist once. Needless to say the dentist stopped accepting him as a patient. My dad still blames the dentist. Something about excessive use of air on sensitive teeth.

  5. Oh my goodness I am so glad that my dentist doesn't have one of those - I am the WORST patient and they would definitely use it on me!


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