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CRBR - Got Over It!

 As part of my 12 Month Challenge, I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday, March 27, 2010 in Charleston, SC with a good friend. This is my account of the experience.

What a beautiful, fantastic, adrenaline-fused race. I have already contacted AAA about reserving a hotel room for next year. But at 4:30am, when the alarm went off, and even 15 minutes before start time, I swore I would never run this race again. EVER!

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Then the race began and within seconds, I changed my mind. The excitement of being a part of 38,000+ runners was amazing. Helicopters circled overhead as race participants waved and hooted at them. Music was heard everywhere - from musicians on the side of the road to bands on rooftops.

As we headed toward the top of the bridge, the helicopters still flew above us, but no one was waving back now. We were at a steep incline and all focus was on the goal. When I reached the top, I cheered, as did everyone else. It was cause for celebration - it was a milestone to reach this summit. I tried to look around, over the edge, to see the water and city, but it was hard to take it all in.

After getting off the bridge and turning down a free Krispy Kreme Donut, we ran through a rough part of Charleston without much fanfare. My energy level was beginning to wane. But within minutes, I literally turned the corner into charming downtown Charleston. People (I like to call fans) lined the street. With the cheering and music, running was easy. As the sound from one band faded in the distance, another one took its place.

The 6 mile marker had a race clock attached that read 0:58. My goal was to finish in under 60 minutes. I could do it because my chip time was a few minutes behind the clock. I picked up my pace to a very fast run. I had only .2 miles to go.

Definitely out-of-breath and light-headed, I reached the finish line in 56 minutes. Whew...I did it - I Got Over It!

If you want to see some funny photos from the race, check out David Quick's blog. He is the health editor with the Post and Courier, Charleston's local paper.

And just in case you are inspired to take up jogging or running...
The friend with whom I ran this race sent me an interesting article about running. If you are thinking about starting a jogging program, this article will provide some reasons why it is good for your health: Effects of Running on the Body.

The photo of me running was taken by Island Photography.  The company gave me permission to use the image in this posting. A very special thank you to them!


  1. Just Awesome!

  2. I am so pround of you-You go girl! Super Cool as usual--Barb xoxox


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