Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Answered Prayers

I get a report about Ben's progress almost 6 times a week from each of the therapists, after every session. Most of it is mundane information about what they did, how well the session went, how hard Ben worked, how hard Ben worked them, what equipment may need to be fixed, etc.

But today, although the setting was the same and the speech therapist was giving his report as usual - he seemed to be saying something new. Or perhaps I was hearing it differently.

Basically he said, Ben knows his name - he can identify it. There is no need to work on that goal. Well, I knew that from Ben's IEP meeting in January, but it was good to hear from an outside source that this was, in fact, true information. The speech therapist also said that Ben has met the goal to identify articles of clothing (shoes, socks, pants, shirt) from both pictures and actual items. Then he said Ben knows his numbers, 0-9. His next step was to help Ben learn his colors.

The therapist said that when Ben pays attention, he can really show what he knows. Hmmm...we have always said, "That kid has a lot going on in that head of his, if we could only get it out somehow!"

So tonight, my smile is wide, my heart lighter and I think the prayer I said yesterday was answered. I asked God to help Ben a little bit more.

I thank God for bringing us this wonderful therapist who sees the same potential we see in Ben. He is able to be patient, consistent and thorough in his work with our Ben.


  1. Such a great report! I am thankful with you, Vanessa. I have to comment on the picture of Ben laying in the pool... love it! I'm thinking...
    "Jungle Book", when they are singing that song, "Bear Necessities".

  2. That's awesome news!! Every little achievement they make is HUGE to see!! Yeah Ben!!


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