Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NASCAR has a New Fan

As if the Disney World vacation was not enough, the Kyle Busch Foundation gave Charlotte area Grin Kids' families tickets to the Dollar General 300 Race. Although Ryan had been twice to a race, the rest of our family were newbies.

Ben loved the excitement and the noise, but eventually he was too excited to even sit. Ryan took him for a bite to eat and a stroll around the speedway while I stayed with the other boys who were mesmerized by the ecperience.

When we caught up with eachother - I noticed Ryan taking money out of Ben's pockets. To my amazement, Ryan told me that two different and random people gave Ben money - totalling $25. Although we laughed, I am not sure how either one of us felt about it. A discussion for another day.

We had a great time - it was truly an experience and I was glad to see what it was like. The noise was overwhelming, even with ear plugs. Unlike other sporting events, there's little cheering or yelling since nothing can be heard above the roar of the engines. Next time I go, I will get the ear phones that allow you to tune into the car you follow and listen in on the communication between the pit crew and driver.

Seeing some of the other families from the Disney trip made it like a mini-reunion - probably the best part of the entire night.

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  1. Love reading this amazing blog. Who would have thought that Nascar would be so addicting. The picture of Ben smiling is priceless.


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