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Bob On My Mind

I know I have watched Bob the Builder one too many times when these thoughts cross my mind: Perhaps Bob could be on Dancing with the Stars . He does a mean Salsa. What is Mrs. Percival really saying when she asks Bob to meet her at her house for dance lessons? Is she disappointed when he doesn't show? How does Wendy feel when Bob says, "Wendy, I don't know what I would do without you." Her look seems to say, "Bob, I love you. You are the man of my dreams." It is truly sad that Bob does not get to see his identical twin brother, Tom, very often. Wendy could really compete on Skating with the Stars . She's been an Olympic Skier and a marathon runner. She's truly an athlete. Like I said one too many times... Oh and I found a site that actually discusses the possible relationship between Bob and Wendy I am not that far off base.

Gadgets & Gizmos - Part 3: Adapted Books

Last year in Kindergarten, Ben was part of a pilot program for a literacy study at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte . His teacher was given specially adapted books to read with her children. The books were enhanced with raised lettering for the children to touch and objects for the children to hold. At points throughout the book, the teacher would ask a question about the page she had just read and the child would choose from pictures or objects inserted in the book to answer the question. One book Ben read talked about rain. The adapted book came with a small spray bottle and at that point in the book, the reader sprayed water into the air. Ben completed the program in just a few months, quicker than expected. Obviously, he was motivated by the methods they used. My sister, a creative and can-do person, decided to make a book like this for Ben, using one of his favorites from the Bob the Builder collection. Using the one from school as a model, she tore the book ap

Special Exposure Wednesday: Guilty Pleasures

Perhaps I have mentioned before that Ben loves Bob the Builder. This photo captures Ben watching his new "Bob" video from Santa on Christmas Day while we opened presents, something he does not particularly enjoy. It was our way to involve Ben in something he likes and be with us at the same time. Rather than feel guilty and sad about Ben not participating in Christmas morning activities in the traditional way, we tried this innovative approach - and it worked well for the whole family.