Thursday, January 6, 2011

Divine Intervention or Good Luck?

Things sometimes have a way of working out and when they do, it is like a beam of light is shining down on our family from the heavens.

An aside: Just watched George Carlin's Its Bad  for Ya and he makes it clear that any reference to a heaven above is pure poppy cock, but he did not say it quite that way. He used a lot of $#%@*

There have been too many times in our life with Ben that divine intervention had to be figuring into the situation. The first time we sent Ben to preschool was when he was two. I researched many places with weekday schools, and most churches were not accommodating to Ben's special needs. One even went as far to say that they had no idea what to do with him on rainy days because their rainy day room was upstairs. Heck, if they couldn't figure that out, then the sunny days wouldn't be much better.

We did find a church, 25 minutes away who welcomed us with open arms. On the first day of preschool, we found out that the teacher happened to be a former special needs teacher AND she had a son with low-tone, which at that time was all we knew definite about Ben's medical condition. Tell me some special force was not involved in that one. I spent the year amazed at how Ben landed in such a wonderful school.

Ben's current school will be closing at the end of the school year. Today I received his new assignment. It is our home school, only 1 mile from our house. They are adding Special Academic Classes to the school. This is good - location is great.

But it gets better. I see who the principal is - she was the principal at Ben's first public preschool when he was 3 and 4 years old. I email her a quick note just to see if I can meet with her, hoping she remembers me.

I get home from a PTA meeting and listen to the message on the answering machine. It is from the principal. The message brings tears to my eyes. If I had any doubts about this change in schools, they have left me. The principal remembers our family and cannot believe the luck that Ben will be at her school. The message went on for several minutes about how excited she was to hear from me and how I can come by tomorrow to meet with her and get a tour.

I feel relief. I think it will all work out okay.

Back to the divine intervention or good luck - I like believing that God and angels watch over us. And maybe it's George Carlin smiling down on us, hoping we see that he was wrong in his final act.

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  1. This is such amazing good news. I am cheering for you!!


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