Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazing Race: Vote for Our Team Name

Thank you for your great responses to my request for team name ideas for Amazing Race. The winning name will be posted on t-shirts and banners. We will show our team spirit to Charlotte.

Beginning Friday, you may vote for the one name that you like the best. A box on the right-hand side of this site will have these choices. Of course, you may vote as many times as you would like. Here they are:
  • Bentastic
  • Ben the Builder
  • Ben and the Builders
  • eSpecially Ben
  • Peanut Butter and Benanas
  • The Red-Haired Fighters
  • The Amazing Ben 
  • Unfinished Benness (The TV show's theme this season is Unfinished Business)
If you have a creative jolt in the next few days and want your idea added, late entries will be accepted. Just email them to me at vanessainfanzon@gmail.com or include them in the comment section below.

Remember there will be a prize for the creator of the winning name!

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