Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday: Teachers

For the past three years, Ben has been in Mrs. H's classroom. This year he says good bye to her because his school is closing and both are going their separate ways. I am not sure what Ben understands about the change that will occur next year, but I sure do. Even now as I write this, I have tears in my eyes. Mrs. H cares about every one of her students, but has the uncanny ability to make your child feel like the most important one in the classroom.

If ever there was a teacher meant to do what she does, it is Mrs. Hoard. She uses firm discipline combined with a great understanding of the best methods to teach children and then infuses the system with love. We will miss her, but she's already agreed to attend Ben's birthday party in July. This year, though, we will be prepared for Ben's reaction. Last year, he literally gave her a hug that lasted a full 5 minutes and pretty much kncked her to the ground with excitement. If that's not telling of a good teacher, I am not sure what is!

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