Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pearly Whites

Would you wiggle a tooth in that mouth?
 I know I lost my teeth once too. But when it is happening to your own child, it is a little strange. Ben's dentist told me at the last visit that he has loose teeth. Although curious, I dare not stick my finger in his mouth to check. I like my fingers just as they are, in one piece.

Yesterday, I noticed a tooth growing behind one of Ben's bottom baby teeth. Curiosity got the better of me and I ventured into that shark mouth and sure enough the tooth in front was loose. If Ben were a typical kid, he would be wiggling and playing with it non-stop. Without the extra assistance, it may be awhile before it comes out.

Ryan is very concerned becasue Ben has been grinding his teeth for quite awhile and to hear Ryan talk, they are down to the nubs. I have to say, as dramatic as my husband can be, Ben's teeth are worn down quite a bit. Ryan is worried that Ben will do the same to his adult teeth.

After a telephone call to the dentist, Ryan feels better about the situation  - it is rare to grind teeth down to the gums and it is normal for an adult tooth to come in before the baby tooth has had a chance to fall out.

Whewsh! Yet another roller coaster to board, raise our hands for the camera and scream on the way down! Only to get off looking slightly green and off balance, yet alive and ready for the next one.

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