Monday, January 11, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Photo Collage

I was doing a bit of arts and crafts last week and thought I could pass this idea on to others.

A few years ago, I started this collage of the photos of my friend and family's children from the Christmas cards we receive. I felt guilty throwing away the photos because I know how much trouble it is to get those pictures taken and sent out, but never knew how to keep them in a meaningful way.
This was my solution - a collage of the photos. I simply tack all the photos to a bulletin board that hangs in my laundry room. After the holidays, I toss the old ones and put up the new. It is a great way to decorate our laundry room, somewhere I seem to spend a lot of time, and celebrate all the wonderful children in our life.

The photo was taken from far back so that the children are not recognizable and for you to see that I really do hang it in my laundry room! And unfortunately, Dr. Pepper and Pledge did not pay for product placement.


  1. LOL Hey even my "kids" made the cut I see!!! xxoo Brian

  2. That's a pretty neat idea! I usually tack a selection to the fridge but a collage appeals to my neat and tidy part as well as being creative!

  3. What a great idea! I like how it's out so you can see it and think of friends and family whenever you see it :) I could never bear to throw photos away either and finally made a friend and family scrapbook album from all those Christmas photos. Love your idea!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN


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