Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainbow Camp 2014 - Week Ends Too Fast

Ben may have been asleep in the car minutes before he got to camp, but once he awoke and realized where he was, his excitement was visible. Rainbow Camp is part fun, part spiritual activities, but mostly about forming bonds and friendships with other campers, buddies and counselors. Hugs are abundant at this camp.

This year, during their week of training, the counselors watched as a few of the parents of the campers talked about their child, the best ways to work with their child and finally, what Rainbow Camp means to their family in a video. Below is the video of me speaking about these things. I was lucky to have some help from Ryan, a family friend.

Elizabeth, Ben's former teacher and now our family friend
never misses a chance to give Ben a hug.

Each day, a team of youth counselors create a puppet show for the group.

Singing and dancing are always part of the fun.

Play the game, "Where's Ben?"

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