Thursday, March 10, 2011

The King's Speech

Although this little King has not won an Award just yet, he is still a winner in our house. On Monday, Ben's speech therapist, Kenyatt, came in from after his session with Ben to tell us a few things:

1. Ben is making the "H" sound 3 out of 4 times.
2. Ben made the "M" sound one time.
3. Ben understands that he has to do certain things to make these sounds. He gets the concept.

You can jump for joy now.

Kenyatt has been using Prompt Therapy with Ben for awhile now. From what I understand of the program, Kenyatt touches Ben's face in specific places for certain sounds to be made. It cues (or prompts) Ben to make the sound. My mom and I have tried to get Ben to make the "H" sound using Kenyatt's technique on several occasions and it has worked.

What does this mean? For me, it means that Ben understands communication. Kenyatt will continue with the therapy and try to increase sounds and shape them into words. The first word he will try is "me."

It also means - never stop trying, don't give up on your child, don't make assumptions about what your child can do or not do and ALWAYS fight for the best therapists. The therapist's passion for teaching and learning new programs combined for their love for your child can become a powerful combination. Kenyatt clearly brings all of it to the table.

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