Thursday, April 17, 2014

When It's Hard Saying Goodbye

Since Ben was first diagnosed with delayed development at six months old, he has seen over 20 occupational, speech and physical therapists, and that does not include the ones at school. Most of these therapists provide in-home services so we do get to know them well. When it is not a good fit, they leave after a few weeks or months. Others stay with us for a few years building a strong bond with Ben and our family.

Sarah R. was Ben's OT for over two years. She was one of those therapists who built a strong relationship with us. She involved Logan and Sean in sessions when they showed interest. When Ben started using the NOVA Chat, Sarah embraced it and incorporated its use in all of Ben's sessions. She helped develop ways for us to use it in everyday tasks. Sarah has been with us over this remarkable time of Ben's development, and she stepped up her game to challenge him.

Throughout her time with Ben, Sarah made sure he was getting what he needed. She was instrumental in the psychological testing for Ben in the fall. She helped proctor the sessions. When I wanted someone to help at an IEP meeting, she gave her support by coming to the school and backing me up.

Sarah decided to move on to a job that would require less daily travel. It was a quick goodbye - I, for one, was not ready for it. We miss her very much.

I try to ready myself for these departures because they do happen often between Ben's teachers, community staff and therapists. Intellectually, I realize that people move on in their personal lives with a career or job change. Emotionally, I miss the ease of the relationship and the development gains that Ben benefits from these experts.

Sarah holds a special place in our hearts, and is the first inductee for the Ben's Hall of Fame*.

*Just made that up...I see a board in his room with photos of him with all of his special people.

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