Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Commentary

Two different moms wrote to me on the Full Enough post and I thought they were important enough to re-post their comments here:

My 10 year old son, Sam, and I attended the ceremony today after seeing your story on the news a few days ago. As soon as the story ended, he looked at me and asked if I would take him. Since we live in Gaston County, it is our spring break. I knew it was something we had to do! I felt truly blessed to be a part of today's events. I have been working with special needs children for almost 9 years now, and I realize just how special these kids truly are! Sam had an amazing time and is also proud of all of the athletes! Thank you for getting the word out! We hope to be there next year! Good luck Ben!!!!!
--Donna Kostiuk

I was debating on texting my son's teacher to find out what time and if the parents could go to the Opening Ceremony when I saw Astrid Martinez on WBTV yesterday morning. I ran into one of the cameramen for WBTV and thanked them for doing that news report in the morning. In all the years that my son has been going to these events I have never received any information giving the time, place of the events and saying come and join us. A few weeks in advance notice would be awesome, because many family members have to make arrangements to be there. I had a blast watching my son dance to "We Are Family."
--Belinda Keal

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