Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Bonding Experience

Last May, Ben cracked his front adult tooth on the school playground. After a visit to the dentist, we knew about our options and decided to wait and see. We did not see a reason to rush into a decision.

Today, Ben had this front tooth bonded. The new one matches his other teeth in color, texture and shape. Unless you look very closely, you would never guess it had ever been broken.

We were informed that for the life of this tooth, Ben must avoid hard foods - like biting into an apple or carrot or eating a hard granola bar. We will just wait and see how long this one lasts.

When we were leaving in the morning, Sean asked why I was taking Ben to the dentist since we had our regular checkup a few weeks ago. I told him that Ben was getting his front tooth fixed. Sean's eyes lit up, "Will they pull this one out and put in a silver tooth?" He was disappointed in my answer. And when I picked everyone up for early dismissal because of the snow, the brothers were unimpressed. The broken one was much cooler.

Oh well, can't please everyone. Hoping grandparents think the new one is way cooler.

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