Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days!

Snow at last! About 7 inches, which is a blizzard for us in the Carolinas. I was embarrassed to hear our area was in a state of emergency and the National Guard was deployed in our city. When I told my sister, she said it was fairly normal to call a state of emergency for something like this.

Kids have had one full day of school all week. Between watching the Olympics, playing with friends and sledding, they are living the dream. Logan even declared that losing spring break for this is, "way worth it."

One day, Ryan ventured out with Logan and Sean to a local park for sledding. Later, our long time friend, Brian, picked up Ben and me to check out the sledding. Although Ben was too heavy for us to get up the hill for sledding, he was very pleased to just watch the action from the warmth of the car.

Impromptu snowball fight on our leisurely walk. 

Today, we tried taking a walk with the kids. I pushed Ben's chair about 3 inches through the ice and snow and then gave up. Ryan took over and had a tough workout going around the block. Ben loved every minute of it. By this time, it was 46 degrees and hats and gloves were not needed and this was perfect because Ben refused to wear them.

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