Friday, February 7, 2014


Sometimes I am my own worst enemy or I don't know something until I know it. Take for instance, I spend a lot of brain power and time remembering to reorder Ben's four medications and picking them up throughout the month. I tried a year ago to get them all on the same schedule, but our current chain pharmacy could not get it done due to insurance regulations. Also due to insurance rules, automatic renewals were not allowed.

Then for the past three months, Ben's pull-ups were not arriving on time unless I called. Sometimes I did not realize we were on the last package until it was too late. An emergency run to the grocery store to purchase expensive pull-ups was made. In addition, the product offered was not really doing what it should have been doing, but I was told it was the only one they offered.

Finally fed-up with Ben's wet bed and umpteen trips to the pharmacy, I contacted Ben's case managers to see about other options. They gave me names of other companies that can provide services for Ben. I called one of the local businesses on the list that provides pull-ups (incontinence services) and pharmaceutical services. After speaking with someone, we setup medication and pull-up delivery to our home. They will call before they come and work to arrange that everything is delivered once per month. Hallelujah!

Perhaps, I am the last to know about these types of services. When I get tunnel vision and a little bit of loyalty to a company or employee, I have a hard time switching. This will save me extra work, heartache and leave some room in my brain to learn something new.

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