Saturday, February 15, 2014

Talk to Me, Brother!

While I was making pizza for dinner, Ben crawled to the dining room and sat in his chair. This is his way of communicating, "I am hungry." I enlisted Sean's help in giving Ben a snack so I could finish cooking. Before I knew it, Sean had the NOVA Chat and was asking Ben, "YES" or "NO" to the question, "Do you want more crackers?"

Ben could not stop laughing as Sean took out the device and found the right pages. He was getting a kick out of his brother using the NOVA Chat. In the end, I helped a bit and Ben answered "YES". He finished the crackers and ate his dinner too.

Later that night, I complimented Sean on the help and attention he has been giving Ben lately. His response, "I want Ben to think."

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  1. Message to Sean: Grandpa is sooo proud of you for learning to communicate with Ben using the NOVA. I know he appreciates and enjoys that. I hope you and Logan will try to teach me how to use it.


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