Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chip in the Armour

I had a leisurely after school time with Ben because Ryan was home and stress free having finished a couple of exams and feeling caught up on school work. He picked up Logan and Sean from school while I took Ben to physical therapy.

As I was getting Ben out of the car and chatting with the PT, I noticed that I could not see one of Ben's front teeth, the cute adult one that had grown in over the last year. I lifted his lip and 3/4 of it was missing. (I originally reported 1/2, but after Ryan's official inspection he reports the higher number).

Yikes! (I used a different choice word at the time, but "yikes" suffices for now.)

We have a dentist appointment for this coming week to discuss a plan. It seems that this happens often with kids. How come it is the first time I have heard of it? I am sure everyone will come out of the woodwork now with stories of broken teeth.

After speaking with Ben's teacher, she did say he fell on the playground while trying to go upstairs. She had not noticed anything and he gave no indication that he was hurt. Bored in a wheelchair or exploring the great outdoors with a broken tooth - we will take the broken tooth any day.

When we arrived home, I asked Ben if he knew when he hurt his tooth, he said "No" on the NOVA Chat. Then I asked if it hurt, again the same response. Skeptical if he was just answering to get me off his back, I asked if he wanted to watch a video. That answer was a resounding "Yes."

Sean and Logan came to see the broken tooth. Sean's reaction, "Now it is really sharp!" Hadn't thought of that, but he was right.

We will have to post warnings to all - Beware of the Tooth!

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