Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dental Plan

Ben's visit to the dentist to show off his new 1/4 length front tooth proved informative and anticlimactic. After a quick look and an X-ray, it was determined that the root was fine. The dentist explained in a round-about story that included the Baseball Hall of Fame that kids have been cracking their teeth for as long as kids and teeth (and baseballs) have existed. Many do not ever get them fixed.

A bit confused about our options after that story, I still asked what the process would be for replacing the tooth. The bottom line was that with a bond or composite "glued" to Ben's tooth, it will most likely come off again in any number of scenarios. We agreed to try it in the near future, possibly this summer.

The procedure is done in the office, but Ben will have to stay still and that's why I will call in the big guns, a.k.a. Ryan. Eventually, a cap will be put on the tooth, but I believe Ben will have to be put out and based on the dentist's recommendations and comfort level, this will be done in the hospital at a much later date when we combine any other dental procedures.

I will file this in "Things to Look Forward to."

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