Monday, May 6, 2013

Bathroom Saga


A long story of heroic achievement.
A long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.
Who will achieve heroic status in this saga?

Like any project, we have different approaches to the situation. I am of the "let's get 'er done" mentality while Ryan takes the "think about it, sleep on it, think some more and then wait" approach.

This will be a saga.

We met with an architect friend this week. He surprised us with some wonderful news - he is trying to get some of the materials we need donated. It seems that he has been successful already with a few of the items. He may have come up with some cost saving ideas as well.

Because we knew this meeting would require uninterrupted discussion, we had a sitter for the kids. I told them that they could not talk to us while we were meeting to talk about the bathroom. They all understood.

The sitter took them to the park while we met. By the time they returned about an hour later, our friend had left. Sean looked around, "Where is our new bathroom?"

After explaining to him that this is a process that would take some time, he responded indignantly, "Well, we were at the park for a long time."

Like I said, this will be a saga.

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