Friday, September 2, 2011

Pay It Forward Conference

This is a letter I received this week from one of the Pay It Forward leaders:

Hey Everybody,

Here are the details and the sign up link for the "World's First Ever Pay it Forward Experience" happening here in Utah in Late October. We have an amazing group of speakers coming in such as Catherine Ryan Hyde (author of Pay it Forward), Adrianne Schmidt (creator of Karma Experiment with over 1.2 million followers), Bob Littell (creator of NetWeaving - ) and Hannah Taylor (Founder of Ladybug Foundation -

The event takes place on the 21st - 23rd of October and we will start it out early Friday morning with a BIG pay it forward project in the community.  We have teamed up with the Mayor and she has requested we "Paint the Parks".  Hundreds of us will converge on the city parks and make them look amazing for the Community.  We will also be doing an event called "Blanket the City" with the Roadhome Homeless Shelter to make sure they have enough Blankets for the cold Winter months ahead.

We hope you can join us physically but understand if you can not. For those who can't make it we still want you to be a part of this amazing event with us so we will be broadcasting this event LIVE, all 3 days of it!  You will be able to watch it from home, or maybe at your office or maybe at your school with your classmates.  This option is going to make it so people from all over the world will get to see this world changing event but they will get a little extra as well. How about some behind the scenes access and backstage interviews with the speakers? This will be exclusive to those viewing via the webinar from all over the world.

Money will be going to the Ladybug Foundation, the Pay it Forward Foundation and the RoadHome Homeless Shelter so come on out and join us.  Here is the link to sign up -

Thanks for listening and hope you can join us on this World Changing Journey.

If you have a way to promote this via your website, Facebook, etc. please do so. The more people who know about this project the better. Thank you.

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