Thursday, September 22, 2011

Left Back

Remember those words, "Left Back" when you were in school. To me it meant a kid did not do well in school and had to redo the grade again. The negative connotation of that phrase is still strong in me.

We made the decision to "retain", the politically correct word for being left back, Ben for the upcoming school year. He is repeating 2nd grade. Ben will be able to attend school until he is 21 years old. It was recommended to us that Ben should repeat a grade three times - once in elementary, middle and then high school, spreading out the years.

At first I was upset by it. Now that Ben is in class and doing well, I have not given it another thought. It is best for him and that is what is most important.

Anyone have thoughts about retaining a child during his or her time in school?


  1. I had absolutely no problem with the thought of retaining Tyler. We held him back when he was in 5th grade. He needed that extra time. He is no where near his chronological grade level academically so I saw no point in trying to keep him at his grade level.
    BTW- you can actually have them in school up till they are 22 years old. It all depends on when their birthday falls.

  2. We "retained" Olivia in pre-school and have never regretted it!

  3. I did that with my son. He was in Kinder twice, the first time in our old district then again when we moved. I think it got him emotionally ready for school.


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