Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Years and Counting

Two years and lots learned. Here's a shot at just a few of those lessons:

Perspective - Each time I record a piece of our family's history here, I am able to see the growth, changes and patterns that are a part of our life. Today, when I write about Ben's amazing progress with walking, I can compare it to a year ago when our biggest concern was seizures and finding the right medicine to control them. Ben's walking had taken a "step backward" and I had not even realized it until he started walking so well in May after a change in medication.

A year ago, I was distraught over Ben's school closing, and now he may be at a place that will provide him with as much, if not more, opportunities for growth and independence than his old school.

Introspective - Keeping up with posts for a blog is time consuming. To be consistent with current topics and regular posts is difficult. Finding the right topic to write about, ones that will interest readers, is not an easy task. But I love it. Since starting this blog, my brain is always on alert for something interesting to write about. And I am a thinker, I have to mull things over in my brain before writing. This introspective piece helps me dissect situations, gaining a better understanding of the experience.

Connective - The family of bloggers and readers is an amazing one. Everyone has their own style, stories, opinions and voices, yet we still find a way to connect to one another. It should never take the place of face-to-face friendships and relationships, but sometimes connecting with someone across the world through an email or post about a similar experience is what we need at that moment. The feeling of "I am not alone in this world" is an important one.

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