Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: The McAdenville Tradition

Since before we had children, Ryan and I visited McAdenville, a small town south of Charlotte, that calls itself, Christmas Town, USA. This 55 year old tradition of displaying lights and decorating each house on the main street is described on the website. It is a fairly remarkable endeavor for this town to take on each year. I can only imagine what the fine print reads on the real estate agreements for purchasing a house on the main route.

Since having children, our tradition has morphed into dining at the local restaurant and taking a walking tour of the town with friends and neighbors. Many of the people who join us know Ben from when he attended preschool at 3 and 4 years old. They are the teachers who have become part of our family.

The smile on Ben's face is not surprising - he is surrounded by people who love him very much and eating peanut butter pie. Life does not get much better than this.

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