Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eeking into the 12th!

This was the epitome of an anticlimax, but typical of how my life usually goes. I was diagnosed with bronchitis on the Wednesday before the race, and even I was thinking about ditching it. BUT the husband, who knows me well, said I better go. "You will be sad to have worked hard all year long not to finish the last one" were his last words as he nudged me out of the bed. I have a feeling he wanted more room in the nice warm bed and a few hours to dilly dally around the house. Without me around, there's no hanging lights, fixing angels on trees or making more fudge.

So I got out of my warm bed, and while hacking up half a lung drove 30 minutes into the boonies. I got lost, did not have my cell phone, and most likely, I was on my last gallon of gas. Eventually, I found the location, conveniently next to a cemetery, because I was going to need it after this race.

I ran the race, mostly. The route was through a Greenway in Kannapolis, NC, although mostly brown this time of year. I stopped twice to walk up hills. When I had a coughing fit, I thought my lungs were on fire. I decided not to cough again during the race.

Did I mention I forgot/half decided not to take any medication before running the race. I was in the car when I remembered I had not taken anything and out of laziness I determined that it was the best decision to run without anything foreign in my body. Okay, perhaps not the best decision making skills put to use.

I finished in 31 minutes, which in my condition, I am more than satisfied. After I ran it, I felt very sick and the rest of the day was a tough one.

On the sunny side, I am finished with all twelve races. Yeah me!

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