Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Dad

My Dad has always been a special person to me. He taught me how to throw a football, ride a bike and play Parcheesi and Monopoly. He was the Dad on the block who played hide-n-seek, kickball and woofle ball with all the neighborhood kids. He may never admit it, but he played Barbie dolls with me too. I have lived 12 hours away by car for a long time now and we have maintained our relationship through visits and lots of phone calls. Although he is great on the computer, he refuses to send an email. He'd rather pick up the phone.

When I started my blog, he became one of my biggest supporters, calling me to tell me how much he enjoyed reading my entries. Without being asked, he has helped our family emotionally, financially and physically. He understands the extra struggles we face daily and tries to help lessen the burden in ways that he can.

My Dad adjusted his role from grandparent to a typical child to one who has special needs. A visit with Grandpa means working on gross motor and speech skills. Whatever skill Ben is learning at the moment, whether it is climbing stairs, saying "drink" or learning to ride the tricycle, my Dad will make Ben work. When Ben was little, he would make Ben crawl across the dining room table. He is a natural motivator, building confidence while challenging his "student" at the same time. Ryan has often marveled at how skilled he is in playing, teaching games and interacting with our children.

On our latest visit with him, my Dad walked Ben around the track numerous times with the tricycle making sure Ben used his own muscles to get the wheels turning.

My Dad appreciates Ben's quirks, abilities, funny personality and even Bob the Builder. Of course, he loves Ben, and he is proud of him too.

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