Thursday, July 8, 2010

Managing the Seizures

Three months ago when the word "seizure" entered our everyday vocabulary, I knew little about the term. I cannot say that I understand too much more now - there are so many different types. Most everyone thinks about the "grand mal seizures" that come with convulsions, biting the tongue and horrendous side effects. Ben's seizures are commonly known as "silent seizures" or Absence Seizures. Just falling forward marks a seizure for Ben.

For Ben, if I understand the information from the neurologist, we need to manage his seizures. This involves finding the correct medication at the right dosage without too many side effects that prevents the seizures from happening. I am not sure how long it should take to figure this all out, but Ben is still having seizures at home and at camp, during therapy or while sitting at home. He has had multiple bumps to the head and just this week, a bad skin scrape after a face plant to the concrete.

The doctor is responsive and changes are being made. But of course, I wish for a quicker fix.

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  1. How scary for you! We had concerns about that before we got some formal tests. They ended up thinking it was something else, but never came up with what it might be. I remember the feelings I had, though, while we waited and watched.

    Here are a lot of good wishes for some good answers and fixes for you and Ben!


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