Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Logan enjoying the whole camping experience.
I love everything about camping - the campfire, the s'mores, the hiking, looking for frogs and other small animals - except the sleeping part, oh and the bugs. Within 30 minutes of our house, we have a county park that for $36, you can get a site with a 9'x12' tent already assembled with two cots inside. Not having camped before with all the kids, we decided this may be a good trial run for us. If disaster struck, we could make a fast getaway.

For good measure, I also invited Kim, a teacher who works with Ben, and her husband for extra help and moral support.

All went great until it was time for sleep - between Sean running in circles around the tent until midnight, teenagers playing a very loud game of hide-and-seek, Ben waking up to use the bathroom at 2am and Logan yelling at 4am, "Where am I?" – no one really slept, despite the Benadryl everyone received before bedtime.

Next time, yes there will be a next time, I think we will get to the campsite early - do all the things we enjoy and head home at 10pm for sleep in our own beds. That's still camping...isn't it?

Ben enjoying Doritos.

Sean with a mouthful of cookies.

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  1. Great Picturess! Makes me want a chair in the outdoors with some doritos and cookies! :-) Darryl


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