Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Where to Run

This morning, I was supposed to run a 5K to meet my June goal for the 12 Race Challenge I set up for myself last December. On Thursday, I read an email letting me know that a mistake had been made with the date of the race. It was actually scheduled for October 23. Quickly looking for another race this weekend, I found two options. One was canceled due to low registration. The other was a race in Puerto Rico. Ryan said I could use my birthday money to fund the trip.

We have a long standing joke about how the cash gifts I receive for my birthday never seem to run out. Ryan thinks I am pulling a fast one. What can I say, I am frugal! And in fact, I do have some left of said birthday money, but not enough to jet off to an island.

Left with the YMCA treadmill or a run in the 'hood, Ryan offered to map out a course for me. I pictured myself tripping over my own feet while trying to read a map telling me which direction to head. I decided to just run my regular 2 mile route twice.

Running, I imagined fans lining the streets, water stations along the way and police officers directing traffic at every intersection. In reality, it was a quiet warm morning. I did hope that Ryan and the kids might be sitting on our front porch cheering me on at the last stretch. Turns out, I had to imagine that too.

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