Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schedule Change!

They look like how I feel. It has been a tough transition for me from school to summer. I play chauffeur for much of the day taking kids to and from camp. During the year, my goal is to get in my car as little as possible.

The hardest schedule change has been that Sean, our two year old, has decided to stop taking naps AND he can climb out of the crib. Of course, Sean still needs the nap and his behavior reflects it. My world has changed dramatically. The precious time I had to myself in the past to get "stuff" done and recharge my batteries has diminished.

One day, I will learn to change with the tide. I may fight it every moment of the way, but it will happen and I will eventually find peace. Perhaps.

At least tonight is "Date Night."

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  1. Aww, there is something so sweet abt kids sleeping. I'm sorry it's tough right now with summer. I hope you all get used to the new schedule soon.


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