Friday, June 4, 2010

Pepsi Refresh - HOPE for Parents

Last November, Ryan and I were given a free night in Myrtle Beach, compliments of HOPE (Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional children), a new non-profit organization. I wrote about our experience here and included some links to articles about the effects on parents' relationship when raising a child with special needs. We all know marriage is continuous hard work without any extra set of issues. Add any type of problem and the stress is multiplied.

Zondra Moss, the CEO of HOPE, submitted an application to The Pepsi Refresh Grant last month. Fortunately, HOPE was accepted as one of the 1000 applications for the 30 day voting process. The top ten ideas will receive a $50,000 grant.

To find out more about this organization, please check out their site:
HOPE Website

Please check it out and if you are so inclined, please vote:
Pepsi Refresh Grant

** Just in case you do not think your vote will make a difference, last month AMBUCS won a $50,000 grant to give 100 children with disabilities an Amtryke - a therapeutic tricycle, through this same Pepsi Grant. People like you voted. **

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