Monday, May 24, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Ants in Your Pants

Ben, Age 6 1/2

With spring all around us, these works of art were a little too close to home for me!

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  1. Oh my! Yes, I can see what you mean about the realism being just a little too evocative!

  2. ants are one of like two insects that I can't tolerate (except in Bug's Life). Glad these are just paper...too cute.

  3. Lol, there is something about boys and insects. I see what you mean though, just thinking about ants crawling about gives me the creeps.

  4. Too funny! We kind of have this "love/hate" thing with bugs around our place, so I know what you mean. Ants are definitely not my favorite, although I would love to find Ben's version of them around the house anytime! :)

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN


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