Monday, March 9, 2015

Knights of the Square Table

Sirs Tom, Mike, Mark, Rodney, Dan, Eddie, Wyatt, Matthew and Brian are all at the top of their field in construction, designing, remodeling and building in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Early one morning last week, they put aside their own busy lives to discuss a timeline for building an accessible bathroom for Ben. In one hour, they made several decisions: They discussed foundation, dumpster and sub-contractor issues. They volunteered for coordinating the project, framing the structure and donating supplies. Finally, they chose a start date - March 15, 2015. WooHOO!

A few of these men know our family because Ryan was in construction for a number of years and worked directly with them. Most of them do not know us at all, and when the National Association of Remodeler's Industry of Greater Charlotte (NARI) introduced the idea of building an accessible bathroom for a family in need, they volunteered for the project. There was no arm twisting - they wanted to help out.

These are some of the Knights, I mean, companies and organizations donating their time, expertise, labor and/or materials to this project:


I will keep you up-to-date as the project progresses.

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