Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flushed Down the Toilet, Temporarily

Last April, I wrote about the process we were going through to get an accessible bathroom for Ben. Since even before I wrote that post, I had been working earnestly on lining up bids from contractors, putting together a layout and design and meeting with people who could help in the process. I invested a lot of time and energy to this project, but even more than that was the emotional investment I put into having this bathroom for Ben.

Two contractors dropped out for various reasons, another was so over priced that we could not consider them, and one will not return my calls. Just last week, my one Hail Mary, the guy who showed up wearing a big cross around his neck, promising me the world; his bid was as high as the over-priced guy.

Deflated, depressed and dejected, I missed a night of sleep, moped around for at least a day and then read a book I purchased the week before called, "That Season of Hope." If you need perspective, a good cry and inspiration, it is a good read.

Our local radio talk show host, WBT's Keith Larson, wrote this book about how the Carolina Panther's 2003 football season and his own life collided with a 12 year old girl named Hope. Hope had an incurable bone cancer and when Make A Wish Foundation came to her house to ask about her wish, Hope asked how many children were on the list. 155 was the answer. Hope's wish was to get all 155 wishes met. This meant raising 1 million dollars, and Larson's story tells how the city jumped to the challenge and how lives were changed by a little girl's wish.

Remarkable reading at the right time for me. I ended my pity party, and I still do not have a Plan B yet - I promised Ryan to wait until after his exams to discuss strategy.

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