Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snaggletooth is Back

Every time Ben goes to the pool for physical therapy, I am sure he will hit his mouth and rechip his tooth while getting out or while crawling on all fours on the deck. After almost two years, nothing has happened. In fact, at the dentist last week, the doctor and I congratulated ourselves for making it almost two years.

Ben chipped his tooth on the school playground about two years ago. We had it repaired and it has lasted without any care to what Ben munches on.

Yesterday the weather was cold and soon to be icy so we changed the physical therapy session from the pool to our home. About 15 minutes into the session, the PT yelled in a panicked voice, "Ben chipped his tooth."

Sure enough, Ben chipped the same tooth that had been repaired. The fake chip came off when he hit his desk while making a transfer from his desk seat to a regular chair. When I called the dentist to see if I needed to keep the broken bit, he said we had jinxed our luck the other day by talking about how well the tooth was doing.

I guess we head back for another repair. Knock on wood and all that.

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